TV Übertragungen

FIA GT Championship- A combination of Live and 26-minute or 52-minute highlights coverage of the FIA GT Championship will be broadcast on terrestrial, cable and satellite networks around the world, reaching over 250 million homes, 100 million of which are in Europe. These represents significant growth over past years and the platform for continued growth in future years.


  • Live/Highlights
    All races to the broadcast live on PLAYER, Uk’s new channel (and sister Channel to BRAVO) that is focused on the best of live sport.
  • Highlights
    BRAVO, the Uk’s leading entertainment channel reaching over 9 million homes, will show the 52-minute Highlights on Saturday morning.
  • Highlights
    CHANNEL 4 (terrestrial) will show the 26-minute Highlights on Saturday mornings reaching over 30 million homes.


  • Live/Highlights
    SKY ITALY will show all races Live and highlights shown in Motorsports magazine on Tuesday evenings.
  • Highlights
    NUVOLARI, Italy’s specialist motorsports channel, will broadcast the highlights to ist 3.7m subscribers.


  • Highlights
    DSF, the most-watched sports channel in Germany, Austria and German-speaking areas of Switzerland will show the highlights in peak time on wednesday, reaching 33 million homes


  • Live
    All races broadcast Live on France’s leading Motorsports channel. AB MOTEURS is also watched in Belgium, Luxemburg and the French-speaking areas of Switzerland.
  • Highlights
    SPORT+ will show 26-minute highlights in peak time.


  • Live/Highlights
    Live and highlights of each race on CZECH TV terrestrial network.


  • Highlights
    MOTORS TV Europe’s leading motorsports channel will bring the best of each race to over 30 European countries.


  • Live/Highlights
    ALJAZEERA, the region’s leading sports channel, will show the FIA GT live as well as the highlights.
  • Highlights
    FUTURE TV, from Lebanon, will show the highlights throughout the Middle East.


  • Highlights
    To be shown on TV GLOBO and SPORT TV after each race, Brazil’s leading terrestrial and cable satellite Channels respectively.


  • Highlights
    SPEED, the home of motorsport in the US including NASCAR and Formula One, will show highlights on ist broadband network a week after each event. In addition highlights of the the 2006 season will be broadcasted on cable over 10 consecutive weeks in the interseason to over 70m homes.


  • Highlights
    The highlights of each race will feature prominently in ESPN STAR SPORTS motorsport magazine reaching 50m homes.


  • Lifestyle
    Featured in Martini World Circuit which is 35 x 30-minute motorsport programme carried on the world’s top broadcast network. It will also be included in Max Power and MotorsportMundial magazines distributed worldwide, and in the Motorsport Asia magazine. News on the FIA GT Championship will be distributed on numerous platforms including SNTV, the world’s most watched newsfeed.

GREENLIGHT TV will be SRO’s production company for six of the ten FIA GT rounds and will coordinate and edit the programs on the four extra rounds, where captation will be provided by the event promoter (Brno, Spa, Bucharest and Dubai). In the field of motorsports, GREENLIGHT TV has filmed virtually every major event producing live and delayed programmes and magazines.

EUROVISION will be SRO’s satellite transmission partner. EUROVISION is the largest broadcast organisation in the world with 54 active members and is a technical broadcast partner to the Olympic Games, the World Cup and many of the world’s sporting events. EUROVISION will provide distribution services for the FIA GT Championships for the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Coordination of international feeds at each race as well as dedicated unilateral services will be offered.